Penneys New Make Up Organisers

It’s a popular time of year to inflict a personal detox on oneself and  to adopt all sorts of virtuous habits, but if that all sounds rather too painful how about making January the month where you organise your beauty stash instead?

Let’s call a spade a spade. Being a bone fide beauty lover, storage is something I’m always playing around with.  And when the post about the new product was posted by popular blogger So Sue Me, the new Penneys swag has blown up on Facebook, with friends begging other friends to pick some up for them if they’re heading to one of the stores:

The new Penneys version of the ClutterBox is the perfect solution for all you make-up hoarders out there, not only will it look great in your bedroom or bathroom but it is also functional & practical. The Clear plastic or acrylic dividers and drawers tend to come at a bit of a premium (Clutterboxes can cost up to €265 and are currently out of stock until the end of February).

Whether you like to admit it or not we all have a little clutter in our lives and some need more help organising it more than others. The drawers are only €4.00 and the organisers are €3.00. These are the perfect solution for all you make-up hoarders out there.





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