Birchbox Is Coming To Ireland….

Birchbox is an American Beauty Box subscription service. They are hugely successful in the US who recently have acquired/merged with French company Joliebox who also offer a Beauty Box subscription service within France and the UK.

Like most other beauty boxes around, BirchBox’s concept is that for a set monthly price where you receive a box with 5 beauty samples. This the perfect opportunity to discover so many different brands and products to enable you to really identify which products are best for you is a genius idea: the only real way to know if you want to buy full sized products is to try them yourself.

When it comes to cosmetics, I believe they are an investment. Some people like to keep there money in the bank, bonds or property but I like to keep mine on my vanity table. So when it comes to buying yourself a treat on payday or picking up Something Nice when you need a little lift, then self gifting is simply good gifting practice. Or you could go a step further and have them delivered to yourself. A ‘To Me, From Me’ kinda thing.

Will you be subscribing?



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