Remember These? Rip-Offs Are Back In Style

Guys and girls its time to embrace tracksuit bottoms with stripes and ‘poppers’,(remember the ones you could rip them off in one swoop). Adidas were by far the most popular however some other companies the eventually get in on the act. Thankfully these tracksuit bottoms are back to being popular where they should be – with people who use them for sporting occasions.

Rip-offs aka tracksuit bottoms that opened with buttons the whole way up each leg were coveted by every teen in the 90’s. During the late 1990’s, Tear-Away Pants slowly began to leave the gym and creep into the day-to-day wardrobes of certain subsections of teenagers. Britney Spears is probably the most important celebrity to popularize the Tear-Away look. At the 2000 MTV Music Video Awards, she famously wore an entire Tear-Away outfit and tore it away to reveal a tiny skin-toned sparkly jumpsuit. Scandalous.

Well, it looks as though they are set for a come back! Courtney Smith took to Instagram recently with a photo that sent chills down my spine. The rip-offs are indeed coming back to stores, though I have no details as to when exactly when they’ll be stocked.

Adidas, I salute you for creating a pants that formed my fashion sense during my impressionable years.



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