Zayn Malik Unveils New “Pillowtalk” Single

OMG! It’s here, it’s finally here! Zayn just released his first single & video for ‘ Pillowtalk’ — and it’s absolutely AMAZING.

Malik’s “Pillowtalk” is the first taste of Malik’s debut solo album, titled Mind of Mine. The song is a downtempo electronic affair which sounds much more R&B than the pop/rock that the singer peddled during his years in One Direction.

The couple put on a  very amorous display in the video for his first solo debut. The video, which, in addition to Malik, stars his supposed girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid, is a study in dreamy kaleidoscopic effects – when it’s not featuring the beautiful couple smooching at every angle. And if there was any question over the muse behind this bedroom banger, the star of the video clears that  right up.

This is, however, a clear move on from One Direction’s clean-cut image. With its flamboyant, catchy chorus, Pillowtalk offers an X-rated version of 1D’s pop – and one which is bound to do just as well in the charts.




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