A Whole New World…

On January 30th I was very excited to attend my first ever blogger conference in Cork. The event was held at The Imperial Hotel. Curated by bloggers Richael and Marie who presented the Cloggers Bloggers Afternoon Tea event so well, it was a true pleasure to be surrounded by so many passionate ladies. There were also some stands that were available for us to splurge at, that ranged from cosmetics to cupcakes.

There were some amazing speakers who were invited to talk about blogging and how important it has become in people’s work and lifestyle, especially in the subjects involving fashion and beauty. They shared their top tips for running a successful blog and gave us all a little an insight into the reality of blogging. Personally my favourite was Emer O’Mahony who is an Event MC, Fashion PR, Blogger, Model Agent and last but not least a mom. She was a true inspiration, the definition of the phrase, #GirlBoss. If you get the chance to be in the pleasure of her company, you will definitely become a little wiser from listening to her. Her motto being hard work pays of.

If you told me none month’s ago that I would be attending an event like this, I would never have believed you! For anybody who has just set up a blog or is thinking about starting one, these bloggers conference are a wonderful opportunity to learn about setting up, maintaining and growing a blog.





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