Luscious Lips For Valentine’s Day

Sure, we believe red lipstick should be a perennial makeup staple in every woman’s beauty regimen. But if there were ever a time to definitely paint your pout in red, Valentine’s Day would have to be it.

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with candy hearts and red chocolate boxes. Date nights with our loved ones on February 14th, so it is the perfect opportunity to dress up your makeup routine by trying something new. Red lipstick is a bold and classic look, yet it has the reputation of being notoriously hard to wear. If it’s done right, it can look great, but women are afraid of it, because they don’t know which red to pick, or they are unsure of what type of lip product is best.

The tint or shade of red depends on the color of your skin:

  •  Girls with dark skin should opt for red lipsticks with deep hues.
  •  Red orange or dark pink are equally fabulous against fair skin.
  •  If you’re tanned,  a red lipstick with a hint of coral or orange will do the trick.

The traditional colours for Valentine’s Day are pink, purple, and red. If you are looking for a classic yet fun pout for the holiday, then why not check out these luscious lipsticks for Valentine’s Day.



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