Simple Micellar Water

Now people are quite excited about Simple Cleansing Micellar Water for a few reasons one of which is the fact it’s inexpensive and easily to get your hands on at the local drugstore. And secondly, Simple Skincare is notorious for keeping things, well, simple! Their formulas are very gentle and ideal for sensitive skin types so it is exciting to get your hands on a simply formulated cleansing water sans any harsh ingredients like fragrance!

If you’re new to micellar cleansers and how they work, basically they are like mild soapy water, except they don’t contain soap. However, they contain surfactants, this is what makes the cleansing water bubble up when you shake it, and what lifts makeup and grime off your skin. Just saturate a clean cotton pad and gently wipe it over your face including closed eyes. Repeat if necessary. Then voila you’re done.

Note that this cleanser is not adept at removing waterproof or long-wearing makeup. If you bought this with the sole reason of removing makeup, you will be disappointed. Do not expect this to remove all of your makeup. However, if you are looking for some hydration, niacinamide and Vitamin C, this is definitely for you.

My favourite thing the Micellar cleaning water is that unlike many other cleansers, my face no longer feels tight or dry. My irritated and sensitive skin feels great after using this product!

Have you tried Simple® Cleansing Micellar Water? What’s your usual method of taking your day off your face?





  1. I just switched to simple products (the facial wash and moisturizer) and so far i am not complaining. I am definitely going to add this as well. So does this replace the facial cleansing wash or you can you use both – if so, which one do i use first?


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