Tie Front Top

When it comes to street style trends, sometimes a little twist can make all the difference. This spring/summer, updating your basic tee with a knot, it will instantly add another dimension to your outfit. You have probably seen the tie-front tees everywhere.

Tie-front tops are perfect for summer, especially with some high-waisted shorts. Sometimes tying up an actual button-down leaves the fabric bunchy and annoying, so luckily pre-tied, tie-front tops exist.

These tie front shirts are an on-trend choice this season. The perfect way to look effortlessly stylish with a casual outfit of skinny jeans and pumps. While tie front shirts may be a reminder of less-than-tasteful 80s and 90s fashion, this year’s look is all about creating a relaxed yet polished look.

Why not get your hands on some trendy shirts in fun colours, prints and in denim and tie them at the hem to show a sliver of skin. It can bare just the right amount of belly that you are comfortable with. It’s possible to control just how much skin you would like to show by adjusting the knot at the hem. A style that works for both the day and the night, however you choose to wear it, you’re sure to looking darling in your tie-front blouse.

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