Bobs Your Uncle

‘The Bob’ is a classic haircut that will truly never go out of style. With so many ways and lengths to wear the look, there is literally a bob hairstyle to flatter anyone.

Hair experts are doing all that is possible and impossible things to create new hairstyles. Both celebrities and non-celebrities are waiting for innovations because wearing the same hairstyle is tiring and boring while celebrities always should come up with new inspiring looks.

Bob hairstyles are seriously hot this year. With celebrity fans including Khloe Kardashian and Taylor Swift, I am predicting that the bob is about to become your hairstyle of choice.
Bob hairstyles have just about overtaken long locks for the hairstyle of choice right now. They look chic, can be styled in countless different ways, and they’ve got a huge A-list following. Tempted, much?

So remember – the best bob hairstyles for 2016 for giving extra volume are the curly bobs with ruffled waves or tousled curls!

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