Let’s Talk Bodysuits!

Forget your swimsuits, there’s a new one-piece trend taking the fashion world by storm: meet the bodysuit. While in the past they may have been worn under your outfit, these sexy lace-up styles were definitely made to see the light of day.

Today’s fashion is definitely more about style. Now I know not everyone may consider bodysuits on their own maybe because they are not suitable enough for daily, outdoor wear. However, if you couple them up with another piece, you are ready to make heads turn. In fact, you can pair off just one bodysuit differently to get totally unique looks.

I love wide-leg trousers and flaring skirts, both with high, trim waists. These call out for a lean and mean look up top. Follow the trend and opt for a neutral colour instead of the floral, velvet, and lingerie-inspired renderings made famous by other brands in the ’80s and ’90s. Pair with classic denim or a simple mini skirt and understated accessories for a cool-girl look.





  1. I’ve got waaay too many bodies, prefer Wolford ones as they’re really comfy, however I understand that for loads of people they can be rather intimidating. They should be a permanent part of ones wardrobe.


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