My Favourite Irish Snapchatters

Can anyone remember a life without snapchat?

Snapchat is getting bigger every single day, and I absolutely love it. Bloggers are now turning to Snapchat to bring their audience with them. It’s almost like they are hosting their own TV show, right from their mobile devices, where people are tuning in catch behind the scenes actions and previews of their life in real time.

So, are you on Snapchat? I absolutely love it… for so many reasons. Why? Because we get to see the lives of some of our favourite brands, celebs and bloggers in real time! Now with so many Irish people making a full career out of Snapchatting, they’re being stopped on the streets for selfies – it’s become the new fast-track to fame.

With more celebs, models and bloggers stepping up their snap game, I rounded up some of my latest must-follow Irish accounts to add to your radar below:

Retro Flame by Erica Fox – Username: retroflame1
Erika was one of the first bloggers on Snapchat. She is currently living in NYC, her snaps are both funny and really honest!  She will make you realize that your own life is plain ol boring in comparison as she keeps us updated with her NYC antics throughout the day.


So Sue Me by Suzanne Jackson – Username: sosueme_ie

Ireland’s top blogger and now one of the leading Snapchatters, this beauty queen is definitely a must follow.


Pippa O’Connor – Username: pippa.oconnor

Pippa was one of the original Irish celebs to join Snapchat. From showing off her OOTD to her Pippa palette, you will love Pippa’s Snap story.


Marissa Carter  – Username: cartermarissa

Owner of Cocoa Brown Tan is definitely one of the most popular ladies on Snapchat in Ireland. The business guru Snaps everything from how her beauty regime to her latest products.

Grace Mongey – Username: facesbygrace23

Grace who is one my original favourites. I love her for always being so genuine and down to earth.

Its time to get snapping folks…..I have an account too, so if you want to add me, here is my username: GlamMeetsGirl.


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