Choker Necklace Trend

It’s back—and cooler than ever. Ying yang symbols not required.

It’s no secret that sooner or later all fashion trends experience a revival, such as this choker necklace from the 90’s. I will dare to predict that this will make it among the biggest trends in 2016. And I must silently confess: I’m already head over heels in love with this choker necklace trend.

I had fallen in love with choker designs years ago when we wore them to look almost gothic, often black beading placed low against the neck. However, it appears that the lovely fashions are back. From semiprecious jewels to luxe leathers, this is a welcome spin on last year’s gold standard—the collar necklace.

And for all those who are still unsure about what to think about this revival, why not try something in between a normal necklace and a real choker necklace. If you develop a taste for it, you can simply go a step further.

Everyone’s been rocking these necklaces as of late, from street style stars to celebrities. That is all the proof I needed to realise that this style is here to stay.





  1. As per the latest research in 2017, choker necklaces are coming in trends again. The buyers of these necklaces have increased a lot in last few months. Most of the women used to wear as it is light and cheap as compared to chain necklaces.


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