The New Fur Nail Trend

Hardly anything is off limits in Fashion Week. But this new beauty trend is certainly one of the most bizarre.

Furry nails have been a trend on Instagram for a while, and have now made it to the runway at New York Fashion Week. It’s a hairy situation that we can attribute to nail designers at Creative Nail Design. Their co-founder, Jan Arnold, debuted this new style at Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 Show during New York Fashion Week.

It looks wild and it might make even the biggest nail-art fans a bit squeamish. Plus, forget about washing your hands.

This look is more aspirational than practical (could you imagine how many hairs you’d get stuck in your mouth/eye), but in a world that creates aqua nails and bubble nails this bizarre trend seems to be catching on.

Call it crazy, but what else would you expect from New York Fashion Week?



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