The Boiler Suit

Have you been kept awake at night wondering about the difference between a boiler suit and a jumpsuit?

Once you’ve made peace with a jumpsuit, (the commonly worn sleeveless style, not to be confused with the playsuit, the shorts version), a boiler suit is a natural progression. In fact, even if the jumpsuit trend has passed you by completely, a boiler suit is an alternative of a shirt and trouser combo. Simple.

Ghostbusters? On the Style pages? Bear with us. The 80s classic might not seem like the most fashionable of film references but, it’s all about the boilersuit right now. The work uniform is the insider choice to adopt this season. The utilitarian take on the jumpsuit has a military past, but today it’s a huge fashion trend: Designers like Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, and Rag & Bone have been sending it down the runway in velvet, leather, and more. It’s clearly the next step in high style.

Fashion icons such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani have ensured that the boiler suit is firmly on our fashion radar. We love this style because it is so effortless for the winter months, and is a stand-alone statement. It’s also an incredibly versatile piece that is easy to dress up or dress down.

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