The Pleated Skirt

The schoolgirl signature gets the high fashion treatment.There’s no denying it, you will be wearing a pleated skirt this spring. Next to new shirting, it is the piece to buy to update your look.

Traversing wardrobe opportunities, this season sees them dressed up, dressed down and everywhere in between. These skirts are great to combine with sneakers and sweaters, light silk shirts and feminine cardigans. They  make any woman look feminine & chic.

A pleated skirt adds a little swing to your walk, you could even call it a swish. But it’s got a primness to it from both the school uniformness of the pleats and the length, which falls to mid-calf. The pleats elongate the legs, but your choice of footwear is crucial.

Bearing in mind, you don’t always have to opt for a knee length or mid length skirt. A pleated maxi skirt in a neutral tone can work well as an alternative to a dress for an occasion that requires slightly more polish. Try adding interesting accessories such as a panama hat for more casual events.

What do you think of the pleated skirt trend?




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