3-D Tanning Is the New Way to Contour

It looks like the world’s obsession with contouring isn’t going away anytime soon and we can thank the Kardashians for that. The newest contouring trend has gone viral. Beauty guru Joyce Bonelli who is the Kardashian’s personal beauty guru has labelled the latest trend 3-D Tanning. Think of it as regular contouring with a little twist.

The new technique is a process that involves the strategic application of self-tanning products, body oils, and lots of time. The good news? It’s a lot less laborious on a day to day basis than contouring and still achieves great results, with an added glow for good measure.

The whole purpose of 3-D tanning is about a ‘no makeup’ look. Bonelli recommends applying the tanning mousse with a mitt and using a bronzing gel to sculpt your face.

Would you trade in your trusty contouring makeup products for self-tanner?




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