No More Dramas

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have decided to bring you a very exciting post about a product called No More Dramas that is relatively new to the Irish market. No More Dramas has been created to fix all of our tanning woes. It is used to exfoliate and prepare the skin before the application of any tan, and is also a self-tan corrector and remover and will remove and fix any tanning mistakes, aswel as tough to remove tan remnants.

With this amazing fake tan remover I have been able to remove my tan and apply it fresh each week. This pink tub of witchcraft will fix streaks and help remove any old tan so you that you can start afresh. It smells amazing and gives a smooth finish to reapply the new tan. I found it excellent when I had a few nights out in the one week and my tan needed to look fresh. No mess, No flakes, No More Dramas.

I would recommend that for optimum results apply using an exfoliating glove to damp skin using firm circular motions. You can repeat if necessary. Then all you have to do is wash off with warm water.

This is definitely one to try next time your tan goes a bit awry…

Now there really are no excuses for bad fake tan. Like ever.




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