Nia Scrub & Moisture

Nia is a 100% natural range of (mostly) body balms developed by Celia O’Grady, a former salon owner and therapist. All of their products are natural, sustainable and beneficial for the skin. All recipes combine carefully selected, all-natural ingredients. They only use ingredients that have been proven to be effective in treating even the most sensitive, allergy-prone skin.

I recently received The Scrub and Moisturise All-In-One which is such a nice luxury product for in shower use. This is a body scrub with a difference, it is easy to use that will refresh, remove and smooth all in one go. Not to mention the scent is a tropical mix which is divine.

This All-In-One shower solution gives your skin a gentle scrub and leaves a moisturised feel on the skin after showering. Not only is it quick and easy to use but there is no need to apply a separate moisturiser. Ideal for preparing your skin if you are going to apply a tanning product.

If you are on the look out for a natural healthier alternative in your beauty care this is definitely for you.



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