Bag It Up

There is nothing more practical than a backpack – it is the get up and go kind of bag. It’s a carefree approach to spring and summer which will reflect in your style, no wonder it is such a big trend for spring.

Sometimes, everything just doesn’t fit into our pants pockets, so whether or not you’re going back to school, get a new backpack for fall. There are so many stylish options right now, from conventional canvas ones, to luxe leather and designer must-cops.  One of my favourite looks in terms of the summer 2016 handbags is the sharply pleated drawstring backpack as seen on the Louis Vuitton runway, splashes with the brand’s traditional monogram logo.

Here is the thing: If you are a sporty sylph in sleek pants and a sharp sweater, a backpack on your back is the perfect jaunty accessory. And if you are like me and not that person, if your look du jour is a dress, it is fine to pretend one of these are a handbag with a couple of extra straps. Because when you see something you really, really want, life is all about compromise.

So why not immerse your everyday style in luxury by jumping on the backpacks dit. Its time to discover the best backpacks for women now.


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