The Sleeveless Jacket

Sleeveless jackets are the unsung hero of transitional dressing. You may think a jacket that’s missing one of its key components is superfluous at best, but hear us out. When it’s warm outside, wear it with a sleeveless top; when it gets cooler, wear it with a sweater underneath; when it gets downright cold, wear it as an extra layer with a coat on top.

You may already be wearing it. If so, try not to be too smug. Next season will bring many more permutations – long, short, knitted, beaded, fathered, camouflaged… Yes, the sleeveless-coat is shaping up to be the most useful workwear item currently in existence.

The sleeveless coat coming in various forms from lightweight waistcoat to shaggy faur fur jacket is a necessity to work the layering trend. The minimalist trend still reigns supreme this season and the best way to channel this is through a neutral colour palette- think misty greys and creams- and texture.

This has to be one of my favourite trends this Summer. I love layers especially as you can wear them year round, and this vest is no exception. One thing is for sure- nailing transitional dressing now will only do good things for your wardrobe, not to mention ease those early morning dressing dilemmas.

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