Have You Herd? Moo Goo SkinCare

I’m late to MooGoo. I have only got around to trying out their stuff as of late. My skin has changed so much this year, so I have had to find new products that suit my skin. For some unknown reason, my skin has become even more dry and sensitive.  A couple of weeks ago I had the worst dry skin flare that I have ever had, it was mainly concentrated on my forehead and cheeks.  Since then, I changed up my skincare routine to include MooGoo Products.

So let me introduce you to MooGoo. The company hails from Australia and
was founded when they recognised that the moisturising udder cream used on cows in Australian dairy farms also had a wondrous skin soothing effect on the humans applying it. A non-greasy version for humans was developed and MooGoo was born. The success of that product has led to the development of a full range of products

Firstly I just want to say that the MooGoo Irish website www.moogoo.ie is bursting with information about the products, the company and thankfully they have a full Irish stockist list so if you are looking to try some of these bad boy.

I have been applying a small amount to my face and neck every morning and night for the last 3-4 week’s now. Within 3-4 minute’s you can feel the cream hydrating into your skin it does feel like a face mask and you can feel the face skin tightening this is how i know the cream is working. I wait for around 10 minute’s before i lye down to go to bed this give’s the cream plenty of time to moisturise into my skin. I love the creamy vanilla smell of the product, it’s non-greasy like it says and soaks into the skin beautifully.

Have you tried any MooGoo products? Are there any others that I must try?



  1. I can attest to the positive effects of udder cream. I am a harpist, and have been using udder cream on my hands for many years now, ever since my harp teacher first enthusiastically recommended it. If a harpist has dry skin, the strings she plucks can easily catch on her fingers causing cuts and worse. Udder cream leaves the skin on your hands feeling soft and yielding. I had never heard of MooGoo, but now that I know this and other beauty products like this exist, I’ll keep an eye out. My current jar of body butter is almost out, so …


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