Harness Trend -An Evolving Accessory

Behold the body harness! Tied up, strapped down, buckled in — Spring 2016 saw many designers look beyond pastels, ruffles, and florals to something a little more, well, S&M.

Now I have to admit when I first saw this trend on the runway I was a little shocked and a bit skeptical about how wearable it would be. However, I have seen some recent runway and street fashion that has proven that when properly worn the body harness trend can be sexy, futuristic and very chic.

In the realm of fashion accessories, you to may have also noticed an uptick in body harnesses. Although long associated with a more underground sort of, uhhhh, “fashion”, harnesses are now totally wearable in an everyday sort of way.

You can add a sexy spin on your look with the latest stretch fabric body harness which will really take your look to the next level. Become a slave to fashion in a tough-talking accessory. Done as an accent or the real thing, the S&M style is no longer a risqué taboo. Though the edgy accessory may seem too risqué for most, the ladies below illustrate how to make it feel modern and mainstream.


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