Black & Blue

Hello Everyone,

My goodness, this week feels like it’s flown by!

Dublin has been rainy all week and I’ve been personally loving it. I find it soothing- waking up to the soft sound of the water hitting the windows next to our bed, the gloomy sky that makes me feel like it’s always either really early or getting late.

This is my own little version of “it’s almost Autumn and I know it’s not sunny but I refuse to put winter clothes back on” look. I have always been a lover of faux leather leggings as they are my safe bet when I can’t find anything  else to wear. Call them a wardrobe staple if you will but team with some heels and they can turn any outfit from a casual to dressy look in seconds. I combined this blouse from Zara, which is pretty quirky on the back, added these lace up boots and voila outfit complete.

Anyway this blog post is short and sweet, but I will be back during the week with more.

Hope you all have a good week.

Glam Meets Girl x






  1. Black leather pants, with black boots, combined with the fact, the shoe has opening for your white creamy toes, and those toes finishing off with dark red nail polish, delicious !


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