Floral Arrangement

Good Evening Everyone,

One of the best perks of where we live is the vicinity to so much around us. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but as much as I adore Dublin, its so nice to hop into the car and go home for a little while.

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon strolling through the gardens with our family pet Lady, she isn’t over enthusiastic about running around (she isn’t the most energetic of dogs) but is more content on lounging around so a little walk was the perfect compromise. We took these shots beside apple trees which are just coming along nicely. This jumpsuit was something I picked up some time ago in Primark, ideal for a summers day. Its light, comfortable and super casual. I paired it with my Coach bag that I bought in San Francisco last March, my Celine sunglasses and a pair of silver/glittery flats from Primark.

I will talk to you again during the week, I am off to make some dinner and enjoy the beautiful evening outside.

Chat Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x






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