Six Month Pregnancy Update

Hello Lovelies,

So I’m now 6 months, or 25 weeks. Or should I say only 15 weeks left….sounds better! I said I’d do a pregnancy update as I love reading pregnancy updates from others.

Here we are, now into the 3rd trimester! Honestly, the last 6 months went by pretty fast, which is not usually how time goes for me. It has helped that I have been feeling great and honestly can’t believe how great this pregnancy has been. I really have nothing to complain about–besides struggling with this waddle which seems to be here to stay for the next while.

Update: I still feel fairly energetic and my body doesn’t feel way too differently (the way it looks, at least to me, well that’s a different story) and at this point, I’m doing pretty much everything I was doing pre-pregnancy with the exception of enjoying some cocktails.

Body: Physically, although I’m still carrying on the smaller side, getting dressed is starting to get a little bit more difficult. None of my old pants fit me anymore, so I’ve been living off a few pairs of my maternity jeans yet still wearing most of my old tops. Funny enough I’ve found that I can still wear alot of the clothes I had pre-pregnancy. I’ve obviously long since said goodbye to the skinny jeans but flowy tops are ideal for mum and bump!

How I’m Feeling:  A little tired and, to be honest, a little anxious as the babies arrival is rapidly approaching. As far as cravings go, I’m still ravenously hungry for all things sweet-related. Which isn’t really unusual for me because normally I do have sweet tooth, it just seems to be amplified at the moment.

All in all I am so excited to have reached this stage in my pregnancy and to feel more relaxed in myself and also to be as chilled out as I am. Even if barely anything on my List of Essentials has been bought.

Until Next Time,

Glam Meets Girl x





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