Bandanas Are Officially Back

Move over Céline bags and Chloé shoes, there’s a new guy in town—and some cost as little as €5 a pop. Introducing: the bandana.

Literally everyone (girls and  guys) are sporting the Western-inspired extra with their outfits. Worn as headbands to pull back long hair, around the neck scarf-style, and covering the face as a quasi mask. Every time I see one tied around a braid or worn under a collar, it looks more appealing to me. I think alot of it has to do with its endless variability. There’s no wrong way to wear a bandana, only an infinite number of right ways!

From bikers to punks and as way back as far as the original cowboys, the bandana insists on having a moment from time to time and it’s doing so right now. Whether you style it around your neck or your head, this is the must-have accessory for all fashionistas this season. Not only is it a snip to buy, but you can transform a whole outfit with just this one bandana purchase.


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