Loving Comfort Maternity Support

Last month I received this Maternity Support Belt from a company called Once Born based in Swords, Co. Dublin. They are an 100% Irish, family-run, online Maternity shop specialising in Breastfeeding, Nursing Clothes, Maternity Clothes & Baby Products. Emer, was kind enough to send me the Loving Comfort Maternity Support (CMO).

I have had some lower abdomen pain due to the growing belly which was pressuring on my back and I was recommended the Support Belt. Promising to maximum support for women who have strong symptoms, are carrying multiples or have pre-existing back conditions. It is virtually guaranteed to eliminate low back, leg, and abdominal pain common during pregnancy.

What can I say this belt instantly provides relief to the round ligaments when worn just below your abdomen. It helped to reduce pressure at my pelvis and massively improve circulation in my legs.

The CMO provides support for both you and your baby as it relieves pain and fatigue in back, legs & abdomen. What I like is that it is easy to wear and doesn’t show under clothing. And because it doesn’t show under clothing, your Loving Comfort Maternity Support will help you look as good as you feel.

What I love about this support belt is that it is made of lightweight ventilated elastic that is cool and soft to the skin. Fastens quickly with a simple velcro closure and is designed to grow along with you so you can wear it right through and up to delivery.

I can’t believe I never used this before now. Maybe I’ve never needed one. But I will tell you it makes a huge difference. And because of the affordability of the Loving Comfort Maternity Support, I would suggest that if you’re pregnant, you purchase one. The extra support really makes things a lot more comfortable. Retailing at €32.00 you really can’t go wrong!

Just bear in mind that you base your order on your pre-pregnancy size:
S – Dress sizes 6 – 10
M – Dress sizes 12 – 20
L – Dress sizes 20 – 24

Thank you again Emer for this kind of wonderful product. If you are looking to shop all things Motherhood without having to leave the comfort of your own home, Once Born is definitely the place for you. Here is the link in case any of you ladies are interested in having a look.


Talk Soon,

Glam Meets Girl x





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