Baal & Tanit

Hello Lovelies,
Today I wanted to introduce you to an amazing company that I recently discovered called Baal & Tanit.
Baal & Tanit was born whilst the owner Lorraine was searching for a birthday gift for her mum who is in fact a big fan of french baskets. So instead of buying one she decided to do something a little more creative and decided to design the piece herself and in doing so Baal & Tanit was established. The baskets are hand painted and all orders are for a variety of purposes but primarily they are being bought as gifts. The great thing about the baskets is they can be tailored to your individual taste depending on what you require.
The baskets themselves are handwoven by a team of mothers in Morocco and then Lorraine paints them myself here in Dublin. With some exciting pieces in the pipeline which she hopes to add in the coming months….baskets are only the beginning!
Here is a little look at my personalised hand painted basket which being honest I haven’t put down since I received it! I adore the colours and as I am a huge fan of everything and anything that is personalised, this is the so me.  You can place all orders and enquiries at email or check out their Instagram @BaalandTanit.
Glam Meets Girl x

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