The Great Buggy Debate

Hello Mummies To Be,

We are in the middle of a great debate in our house at the minute….Buggy Shopping!

When you first get pregnant, you’re quickly inducted into a parental secret society. These are people who talk animatedly about forward or rear facing? Swivel wheels? Compatible Travel-system? From test-drives to tyre kicking, choosing the right buggy or pram can be tricky. And then there’s the brands. Do you know your Phil and Teds from your Quinnys? Or your Stokkes from your Mothercare Xcursion?

Your buggy is one of the most expensive purchases you are likely to make for your baby, so understandably it is one that many new parents spend a lot of time considering. Bearing in mind that as a first time parent, it’s difficult to know what you really need from a buggy and how much your life will change with a little one in tow. There are some important questions you should ask yourself before you hit the shops to test them out. For me, these same queries kept popping up every time we viewed a new buggy.

  1. Does it fold and open up easily?
  2. Is there enough room for a changing bag and some light shopping?
  3. What’s your style?
  4. Longevity

After some long conversations, we have finally decided on the Stoke Xplory Stroller.


The Xplory’s seat sits high, so you’re closer to your baby not to mention it doubles at a highchair. The Xplory can face inwards or can be turned to face outwards when your baby gets a little bigger. The Stokke is easily put together and the seat clicks into whichever position in a matter of seconds. To give you reassurance that the seat is in its correct position, there’s a little traffic light system at the sides that turns from red to green – a great little touch.


Other noteworthy features of the Stokke include the adjustable handle, adjustable footrest (to accommodate your baby’s growing legs), large chunky rear wheels and easy swivel front wheels that make steering super simple and easy. There’s also that brilliant oversized hood with a foldable visor, which cocoons your baby from the front and allows ventilation from the back.


There are so many accessories you can add to the Xplory, including an umbrella for the sun, drink holder, winter and summer kits. I choose mine from Bella Baby in Dundrum. I must say that the service I had at Bella Baby was second to none, and I will definitely be returning to pick up more bits and pieces in the future.

If you have any questions on the Stoke Xplory, please leave them below and I will try answer them as best I can.


Glam Meets Girl x



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