Cape Addiction

It appears that women have given their coats a rest this season. This year I have seen lots of ready to wear collections featuring cozy capes. These cover-ups are ideal replacement for classic coat and jacket.

The trench coat is so last year! This winter, why not beat the harsh winter cold with the all new fashion trends for women, i.e. the cape. It closely resembles a poncho, and is flexible enough to beat all the other forms of winter dressing. It can be worn with either sides up or down, and will still go well with any other winter piece, from above-the-knee boots to the pyjama style. These are best when the neutral colours are chosen. The poncho itself offers a layered appearance.

Personally, I have always loved the original look of this cover-up. In today’s fashion world you can see so many interesting versions, including plaid wool incorporated with denim, heavy fur toppers, quilted designs, etc. The cape is super-sophisticated, and it’s created to be a great ally of your style.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best ways how you can styled them with your everyday clothes.

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