Leopard Print Trend

The cats were out of the bag and onto the runway as leopard prints paraded throughout the fall collections. Whether your in a chic coat or slinky skirt, this look is spot-on!

When you think of closet staples, images of blazers, tops and dresses in black, white, navy and grey are what first come to mind. But leopard print has silently remained every woman’s secret wardrobe weapon for quite some time.

Bearing in mind that leopard print can very easily tip over into tacky if it’s overused or used badly. To do leopard, you’re almost always better off keeping it an accent. And the best way to do that – not to mention the more economical way, and the way that allows you the most options – is to sprinkle it throughout your accessories choices

What I love about this print is it’s so obviously sexy and is a challenge to play with but that you can mix my leopard with childish colours, like baby blue and pink.Everyone’s favorite fierce animal pattern comes in a variety of colours and iterations this season. But one thing is for sure: adding a touch of this spotted go-to is always cool.


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