Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfume

Good Morning Lovelies,

Today, I am here to give you my latest review on something that I have never reviewed before, perfume! I was kindly sent three fragrances from Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfumes which consisted of Floral Note (Lemongrass&Wild Jasmine) Sweet Note (Citrus with Crushes Vanilla) and Oriental Note (Spice Tea & Honey). Each fragrance has a completely unique fresh scent that really awakes the senses. Initially I was drawn to Floral Note however as the time has pass I have begun to alternate them as I think they are all equally fresh each and every time you apply them. The lasting power of these perfumes are unbelievable, easily 8 hours without applying more throughout the day.


All these fragrances are individually handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils, a process which takes up to 6 months. So what exactly is in these solid perfumes? Well ingredients wise none of the perfumes contain anything nasty. The likes of anything artificial or harsh on the skin are nowhere to be seen. They are 100% natural and all ingredients organically sourced where possible. The solid base of each perfume is made up of a mixture of organic beeswax, mango butter, jojoba oil, rice bran oil and vitamin e. All fantastic ingredients for the skin. The packaging itself consisting of bamboo is also natural and fits in perfectly with Joanne’s ethics and values.


These Perfumes are packaged like a lip balm. To apply you simply take off the cap and twist the bottom, allowing the solid perfume to roll up. Due to the fact they are solid you can apply without marking clothes


You can easily see that the passion and drive of Jo Browne and the consistent high quality of the ingredients are at the core of each product. Not to mention  that all products are travel friendly and approved to fly with.

These cost €18 each and I can guarantee they will last you forever as a little bit of these perfumes go a long way! They are so reasonable compared to perfume off the shelf. These perfumes give you a long lasting scent which is absolutely amazing. Check them out here.


Glam Meets Girl x


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