Baby Boxes

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Tuesday! Baby fever is well and truly under way in our house at the minute, it appears that Baby Rafferty receives more deliveries than I do these days. Yesterday, a special delivery arrived enclosing the most beautiful personal hospital bag courtesy of


As all expectant moms-to-be know, you’ll want to make sure you’re organised when it comes to the birth and having everything you need packed in your hospital bag! It’s not just moms who needs a hospital bag, baby does too, so this bag contains all things baby to help you get through babies first day in the world.

It’s likely that you will need to stay at least one night wherever you choose to have your baby so you need to ensure you are prepared with an overnight bag filled with everything you need for labour and those first 24 hours. These personalised hospital bags for baby contain a beautiful first night kit for your new baby containing baby essentials. Personalised with the baby’s Surname (or any name), this can be both gender specific or gender neutral gift which is ideal for parents who don’t know the sex of their baby before the birth. The exclusive trend design are also perfect for parents who do know, but enjoy products which are not traditional pink or blue.


In these gorgeous luxury bags, you will find everything you could ever possibly need for your labor or overnight stay in hospital.  These bags are prepacked and ready to go.

The Bag Includes:

Cellular Blanket
Lanolin Breast Pads
Lanolin Nipple Cream
Multi-Mam Cold Compress
Multi-Mam Balms
Lanolin Milk storage bags
4 Pack of Childs Farm Toiletries
Baby Gro
Body Suit
Hat & Mittens
Muslin Cloths
Water thermometer
Grooming kit
Baby Milestone Stickers
Decoration for Babies Room
Money off Vouchers


An ideal gift for baby showers, from family members, for a special friend or to purchase for yourself as a treat for your special arrival. Here is a link and you can now avail of a 10% discount using the coupon code “Rafferty”. Happy Shopping!
Glam Meets Girl x


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