Angel care Movement & Sound Baby Monitor

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend….the weeks are going by so quickly. It is hard to believe that there are only a few weeks left before Baby Rafferty arrives! We have been in full baby mode this weekend, picking up all the necessary essentials for the baby and preparing the nursery.

One of the most important things that we picked up this weekend was the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor. With such a variety on the market these days, I opted for a baby monitor without the video as I don’t want to spend hours looking at it and becoming somewhat obsessed with the babies every movement.


From the research that I have done online and talking to the experts apparently money can buy some peace of mind! This simple breathing pad goes under the mattress and then on the parent part of the monitor you can see a little moving symbol showing that baby is still there and breathing. If breathing stops for a set amount of time (15-20secs) an alarm goes off both in babies room and at the parent monitor. If there is a quick glitch in breathing there is one beep.

My plan is to use this straight away in the Moses basket and then into the cot. The angel care has adjustable volume level, temperature warnings, and the sensor pad. This means that you can put the baby down for there nap and not worry about movement, giving peace of mind! It also means that when you do get chance to sleep you won’t be worrying! Just remember to switch off the monitor when you pick them up, as otherwise the very loud alarm does go off and that is the last thing you need or want.


The Angelcare Movement & Sound Baby Monitor gives you peace of mind, not only allowing you to keep track of baby from a different room but also alerting you of the monitor’s working order, for example alerting you of a low battery or when units are too far apart to detect each other. When being used as a mains-operated unit, the monitor even automatically switches to battery mode if there is a power failure.

The movement-detecting SensorPad with different sensitivity settings fits underneath baby’s cot mattress detects every movement from the tiniest of movements. An alarm sounds if no movement has been detected for twenty seconds. This can be set to ‘hold’ and the sound muted temporarily for occasions like feeding and changing times, when baby is out of the cot.

A full colour digital display screen provides a visual description of what is going on in baby’s room, including the temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, an alert will sound: you can also use the vibration alert if you want extra awareness when you need to turn the volume down. When you need to check up on baby in the nursery, the halo nightlight allows you to see around without having to turn the light on and wake baby up. Loaded with features such as temperature and sound monitoring, it truly is a do-it-all unit. The wireless parent unit allows you to move around the house and get things done while still keeping tabs on your baby.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x



  1. All the best with the arrival of the new baby. I pray that the birth goes smoothly and that you’ll feel the support of all the parents who have gone before you lifting you up on eagle’s wings. I was an absolute nervous wreck before my first was born and he turns 13 in March. Probably the best advice I received was from my GP at the time who said that it’s okay to be a good enough parent. You don’t have to be perfect. We started out quite rigid and it took me weeks to bath him by myself (I have medical issues) but i started to find my feet.
    It is such a special time of your life which in a sense goes so quickly but can also be so slow.
    Love & best wishes,


  2. They are great gadgets aren’t they,my friend had one for both of her kids and it really put her mind at ease.Hope you’re well x


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