Milestone Baby Cards

Hello Gang,

As you all know, I love taking photographs. In fact, I have a bit of a photograph problem! So when I stumbled across these Milestone Baby Cards which are a fabulous, fun way to record baby’s precious milestone moments, I just had to have them! The concept of the baby milestone cards is to track your babies development. The clock ticks by so fast and its so nice to have a record of each milestone at the end of the first year. These are gender neutral so can be purchased in advance if needed – the perfect gift / baby shower present for a new mum.


Containing thirty beautifully illustrated milestone cards serving both as a prompt and a prop to capture those gorgeous baby memories.  From first solids to first steps, Milestone Baby Cards help you create a unique record of your baby’s early life, a keepsake to treasure for years to come.  You can work your way through the cards, as each one helps you to capture a special moment in your baby’s development.  Its super easy to send your photos to friends and family or save them up and make a special first year album.


I picked mine up in Mamas & Papas for €16.00. Here is the link for all you to have a further look at them This is the perfect gift for new parents!



Glam Meets Girl x

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