One Thing, Two Thing, Three Thing…

Good Evening Gang,

Happy  Thursday….your nearly there! So it has been pretty crazy as of late with preparing for this little ones arrival and Christmas just around the corner. Usually, I am incredibly organized when it comes to all things Christmas but this year the thought of going shopping during the holidays actually frightens me! I mean, it is a war zone out there, and let’s be honest, fighting the holiday crowds and trying to shop for the looks you are wanting for both yourself and others can be a little overwhelming at the best of times! Here is hoping I can hopefully get it all done and dusted by the weekend.

Today, I am featuring a casual look that I wore at the weekend. The weather has been so mild of late that you can actually walk around in short sleeves without catching a chill. I picked this top up in Zara a few weeks ago (my go-to store at the present) and paired it with my trust worthy faux leather jeggings from Primark and my Charlie Beau Baby Bag. A quick and easy look for a casual Saturday afternoon.

Now I am off to start my shopping list, wish me luck!


Glam Meets Girl x








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