Now And Then

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy Sunday!

The other day I woke up feeling like a fish swimming upstream. It all started with a bad night of sleep and then continues with a domino effect of not so great inconveniences—a bad hair situation was the icing on the cake. Thank goodness for concealer, hats and my good old reliable wardrobe basics to nudge me out of my slump. I know what all you mamas are thinking right now, get prepared!

However, if there is one thing I’ve learned about styling a baby bump it’s this… just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean your style has to be sacrificed. True there are good days and bad days, especially at times when you feel as though your body is changing by the day but but they key is to find those key pieces you can still feel (and dress) like yourself at the end of the day.

Here is a peek at my latest look that we shot this morning. I am trying to embrace bumping around as these are my last couple of weeks, I am just hoping that the time doesn’t go by as quickly when our latest addition arrives.

Love As Always,

Glam Meets Girl x









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