Powder ‘N’ Pout

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy Thursday! How is your week going?

I have something amazing that I want to share with you today. Powder ‘N’ Pout Brushes are a brand new brush company and best of all they are Irish! They are affordable, the range is massive and the quality is right up there with the most expensive tools in my collection. These beauty brushes are on par with MAC but at a much more reasonable price point, and needless to say have become an essential part of my daily routine.


There is no better time to support Irish businesses, than around Christmas. In my opinion, one of the greatest gifts you can receive, is a set of makeup brushes. Whether you wear layers upon layers of makeup, or opt for foundation – a set of basic makeup brushes is a must have. Time again, I see friends spend a huge amount of money on makeup, to only apply it incorrectly with the wrong or age-old tools.


Personally I cant say one negative thing about them. they are beautiful, practical, and affordable. What girl wouldn’t want to add these to their collection? They are incredible.

First up is the Fluffy Blender P310 ideal for smooth and even blending and shading with eyeshadow. It’s chiseled for precise blending of eyeshadow on the outer “v” for a dramatic smokey eye. With fine bristles perfectly apply color to the eye fold.
The Flat Contour P050 – This one is must for all the “Contour Queens” out there! This makeup brush is densely packed with ultra-fine synthetic hair, it’s structured flat shape is designed to tuck directly under the cheekbone, forehead, jawline and around the harder to reach edges of the face with minimal absorption of product on the brush. Ideal for use with liquids, creams, or pressed/loose bronzer powder. To create beautiful sculpting, suck in your cheeks, positioning the brush directly under the centre of the cheekbone focusing on the natural flat plane under your cheeks. Soften the pressure as you move the brush upwards to create a soft diffusion of colour up onto the cheekbone.
The Oval Foundation P010 – This foundation brush has soft fibres ideal for the application of precise foundation or concealer placement. Again, perfect for cream and liquid products such as primers and foundations. This is the traditional “paint brush” style of foundation makeup brush.
Now I have saved the best until last the Powder Dome P100 – The Powder Dome is a full and dense multi-purpose powder brush for dusting that loose or pressed powder on your face or body. Featuring super soft fibres that form a large fluffy rounded shape perfect for seamless blending and finishing your makeup look. For an extra tip, it’s also great for dusting shimmer on top of tanned legs or arms for that extra glow.
The Pout ‘N’ Powder Range is now my official favourite make up brush collection of all time. I know I am talking Holy Grail status. Have you tried any brushes from Powder ‘N’ Pout?  What do I need to try next? You can have a look at their entire range on https://www.powdernpout.com.


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