May’s Birth Story

Hmmm, where do I even begin! Firstly, it is hard to believe that our May has been here with us for over two weeks. Her whole birth experience feels like it was a life time ago. If I have learnt anything from this whole experience it is that  you need to have an open mind and not everything always goes as planned. It is easy to say now but you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way and a healthy baby will always be your top priority.

I have been trying to find the time to put together my story and have come to the decision that instead of doing a whole fancy announcement or photoshoot, I figured it was best to keep it real and raw (just like the whole experience) and write to you all as I lie in my bed whilst she sleeps in between her feeds.

Wednesday, December 28th, Baby May Lily Rafferty was born. We were head over heels in love from the moment we laid eyes on her. Our daughter took a cool and calm approach to making her entrance into the world. She arrived right on time on her due date at 7.58pm weighing 8 pounds 13 oz. Long and lean just like her mom and dad! Even though I have rarely had any experience with babies and had no clue what I was doing, it all feels so natural now. The first night in the hospital, I didn’t really sleep and was so jittery and excited to bring her home like all new moms but we had a minor set back on day two. May suffered two dusky spells and on examination the nurse and doctor decided to do some further examinations which ended up with May in ICU for a series of tests to be conducted to try and decipher what exactly was causing what seemed to be seizures of some sort. Now without scaring any of you parents to be out there, I don’t think anyone can ever imagine their little baby in ICU and all that comes with it! To say that it is a frightening experience is putting it lightly but we have come out the other side and after 10 long days, numerous tests and sleepless nights, we finally have left the hospital and haven’t looked back since.

The one thing that hindsight has provided is the comfort of knowing that no matter what you do in these early days to survive, like let her sleep on your chest instead of her crib or succumb to giving her a soother, motherhood is tough, really tough and ups and downs come with the territory and are to be expected. Some days you are amazing and others days….well your not so amazing at it. But know that as long your baby is fed, warm and snuggled that you are your babies best mom.







  1. Oh congratulations she is just the smushiest cuteness I’ve seen!
    I’m sure you will hear it time and time again, “enjoy them whilst they’re young; they grow up so fast!” – and it’s too true!! I hope she is a darling to you mummy and learns to enjoy sleep…if not I look forward to reading all about it haha! :))


  2. Congratulations! May is beautiful! Everything does start to feel natural after a while. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling well and getting enough rest to function. All the best!!!


  3. Amazing! Congratulations. Like you, we had the unexpected visit to ICU and our baby boy is 2.5 weeks now.
    Motherhood became very real very quickly, but much of what you’ve shared is my experience so far, too. It is incredible and it is up and down.
    Hope all is going well.


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