Fluffy Fields

Hello Lovelies,

As you know I love the chance to get to review original items from Irish companies and recently myself and Baby May have had the opportunity to sample some of FluffyFields.ie products which is an Irish online store for Newborns, Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers with unique, well designed and high quality baby products. First impressions count and this company made a great one with their choice of packaging. Every item was individually placed in a canvas bag, each with its own unique little ornament. First impressions really do count and Fluffy Fields made a great one with their choice of packaging. Each item is individually placed in a canvas bag with its own unique little ornament.

First up are these mittens which are to be mounted directly on the carriage railing. The winter months are never gentle on my hands especially when you are out and about braving the elements. Keeping warm and protected against the win and rain this season is so important especially when we are both discovering the joy of going out for a walk regardless of the weather. The mittens snap-locked into place on the carriage railing and the inside of the glove is filled with an elastic fabric, the inside is lined with soft minky, the outer layer is made of colourful cotton.



Next up are the Angel’s Wings Pillow – a head and neck support pillow, uniquely designed by physiotherapist to alleviate the problem of an infant or toddler’s head slumped over in a cramped, unsupported position.
  The pillow is double-sided, made of high quality 100% cotton on one side, the other is called a “minky” – dimpled and embossed plush material. This multi-purpose pillow feels lovely against the skin and is very comfortable. Baby May was more than happy to have that extra little support for both her neck and head. It’s great for high chairs and buggies. It can be easily folded and popped into its little carrier bag which makes it the perfect travel companion.


What I love about both these items is that they are both practical and stylish not to mention they would make beautiful gifts complete with their own packaging. Overall, both the mittens and angel wings pillow are brilliant products and ones I can’t recommend highly enough. You can view all that Fluffy Fields have to offer on their website http://fluffyfields.ie.

Happy Shopping!

Glam Meets Girl x

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