Lazy Dressing

Hi Lovelies,

This outfit is a prime example of a grab and walk out the door style for me…No thinking required! I know it is nothing special, but I feel happy in this and put together. Now that I have become a mom, comfort and practicality is key! At the moment my 6 inch heels are on a hiatus and are being admired when I open my shoe closet.

Roll neck jumpers have been a style that I’ve wanted to try for absolutely ages. I used to wear them as a child, but finding one which meets my requirements as an adult has been slightly challenging. I am not the biggest fan of wool or mohair as it gives me itch so it made my search a little difficult but when I came across this jumper from Topshop I completely fell in love with it! It has no itchy fibers whatsoever and it has a longer slouchy fit, to look cosy, all while the material looks soft and warm, while still being thin, so all in all, it’s the perfect sweater and definitely worth the months of searching for!

Well that is all for now. One more sleep until the weekend!


Glam Meets Girl x








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