Skirting Around

Hey Gang,

Happy Monday….I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We had a busy one as we had our first official family outing

Today’s post features one of my favorite types of pieces to wear, that being a tulle skirt! I absolutely love this look that we shot yesterday. This little tulle was something that I picked up during the Christmas sales in Zara, these particular skirts showcase how a tulle skirt can also be fun exciting when given the right print and colours. This combination gives the skirt such pop of energy and is a piece that could be dressed up in a formal manner or like I have shown here, can be worn a bit more casually. I know this is something I say this all the time, but that is a sign of a classic piece, one that can be worn over and over again in different ways.

Thank you all for stopping by, I will have more updates as the week goes on.


Glam Meets Girl x









  1. Not sure I could pull that one off; I really like the outfit you have put together though, great boots!
    I always have trouble with skirts as I like them to sit on my hips but my mum and sister are forever telling me to pull them up around my waist! I then buy the wrong size because my waist is rather slim and then obviously, my hips are wider. To be honest, I’m a bit useless at dressing myself and putting things together that actually go nicely!


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