Wedding Guest

Hey Gang,

Tis the season! Well for weddings that is… the never ending dilemma of ´What to Wear` begins. Does anyone else feel that whenever it comes to events like this that you have “nothing” to wear? Wedding season is already in full swing. Admittedly, it is one of my favorite times of year. I love everything about weddings and the excuse to dress up is just icing on the cake.

Winter weddings are always my favourite…mulled wine receptions, sitting by fireplaces and not sweating to death when eating a bowl of soup! However, with a winter wedding invitation comes the challenge of finding the right outfit.

I´ve had a lot of messages and questions about my dress for the wedding that i wore at the weekend – so here goes!

What I loved about this dress was that I felt so good, especially after having a baby May four weeks ago, my body is still changing and things are not like they once were so Ruby Rose Boutique really saved the day! For anyone who isn’t familiar with Ruby Rose Boutique, it is a boutique based in the Carrick On Shannon and have beautiful dresses for a big occasion. I wore this dress with my River Island gold heels and a Kate Spade clutch bag.

With all the preparation done, we had a wonderful day of great food, some prosecco, loads of laughing and a silly amount of dancing!









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