Voesh Spa Treatment

Hello Lovelies,

Though winter hibernation is nice for a few reasons there are certain parts of our body that do tend to suffer after months of not seeing the sun. Namely, our feet. Wrapped in fuzzy socks and shielded from the elements, they typically emerge for the summer season looking pasty, cracked, and worse for the wear. In other words, not exactly the ideal platform for showing off our new Aquazzurra sandals. With that in mind, Voesh has created some pretty innovative products: the Premium Pedicure Foot Mask Socks and the Premium Manicure Hand Mask Gloves.


For any of you that follow me on Instagram you will know that my home away from home is 5th Avenue on Clarendon Street here in Dublin. I recently had the pleasure of trying the Voesh Collagen Gloves when I went in for a manicure and pedicure. These masks are designed to combat both areas. The generous amount of collagen and vitamin E inside the gloves and socks do an amazing job moisturizing the skin. The UV protection repels 99% of the harmful rays. The smart design includes precut fingertips and toes so that the treatment can continue even while the nails are being painted.


The tips of both masks are removable, so that you can receive your manicure while your skin is getting an awesome moisturizing treatment. The Voesh treatment for the foot mask firstly entailed first a foot scrub to remove dead skin (and remove old polish). Then a hot towel was used to warm my feet and to wipe off any excess residue. After putting on the foot mask, the Collagen/Vitamin E was massaged and began to absorb into my skin. The pre-cut lines on the gloves made it so easy to remove the tips to put polish on.

Once my nails were dry it was just a case of pulling off the gloves which left a slight residue on my skin.  This was then massaged in (or can be rinsed off) leaving a light floral scent behind. Both the foot and treatment works the same way, except the toe pieces pull off as one instead of individually making it easier to use a toe separator when it is time to apply polish.


Once we had completed the treatment I cannot highlight how much the Voesh had truly brought life back into my skin! The gloves and socks helped my skin absorb and retain both the collagen and vitamin E. My hands and feet looked younger and softer the instant I removed the gloves and socks.  The soft floral scent is so calming and nice. I love it! I really wished I had a bottle of the product that was inside the gloves and socks. I would love to be able to put it on all of my skin. Not to mention that 5th Avenue have a special offer for the Voesh Pedicure for €40.00 so it is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to beat those January blues! Here is the link for any of you lovelies who would like to book yourself in https://www.fifthavenuedublin.ie



Glam Meets Girl x

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