Juice Delivery Dublin

Hi Lovelies,

So as some of you may know I decided to try out a 3 Day Juice Cleanse from Juice Delivery Dublin last week because after having Baby May I felt as though it was time for a body detox in order to get my body back on track after my pregnancy. I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, so I had never really considered doing a juice cleanse before and never really thought that it would be something enjoyable or practical to fit into everyday life. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a bash and was really surprised by how it went.


My cleanse started on a Tuesday morning as Juice Delivery Dublin advised me that it was important to cut down on refined foods a day or two before the cleanse. The idea is that you have 5 juices each day and between the juices you drink as much water, lemon juice and non-caffeinated herbal teas as possible. The juices are delivered frozen, so a little freezer space is necessary. Each juice is made from a variety of natural ingredients, each with it’s own nutritional and detoxifying properties. The usual juicing ingredients such as apple, orange, carrot and pineapple with more unusual ones like broccoli, avacado, beetroot and yellow pepper make up each juice.



In preparation for the detox, firstly I cut down on my caffeine intake leading up to my cleanse. The juices were delivered frozen in order to retain maximum nutrients. So it was a case of taking each Juice out of the freezer the night before and putting them in the fridge to defrost. All juices are clearly labelled Day 1, Juice 1 or Day 2, Juice 2 so you know exactly which juice is due next. It was recommended that I begin each day with some hot water and lemon as this is really detoxifying and full of Vitamin C and can also be drank throughout the day which I found pretty helpful.


I used to take my Juice out of the fridge 2 hours before drinking it to ensure that it was completely defrosted but if it wasn’t I just placed it in a jug of warm water for 10 minutes and it was ready to be drunk. I choose to stick to the guideline times provided for the Juices which were 08:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00.


The whole idea behind doing a cleanse is to give your digestive system a break and flood your body with nutrients. However, it is worth noting that this isn’t a quick weight loss fix. I feel lighter and not remotely bloated, my jeans are already looser, my energy levels are so much better and I lost my taste for refined foods. It’s a great way to turn a new leaf with your diet and I am definitely glad I did it. It’s also gotten me out of the bad habit of mindless snacking that I had gotten myself into. Now that I know what to expect I think it would be easier the next time too. At a reasonable price of €60 for the three days it’s an investment in your health and body. Juice Delivery Dublin is definitely something to consider doing if you want to give your health a kick start.


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