Baby May’s Christening

Hello Ladies,

As so many of you know, we had Baby May’s Christening last Saturday and I as so many of you moms out there know that the baptism is usually the first formal outing for both you mom and dad after your little ones arrival. So the urge to go old-school and get the hair did, nails polished, face painted is completely understandable, after all that’s how you always got ready for an event in those pre-baby days. But now there’s a severe lack of time, interest, and energy on your side; plus a baby!


It is such a tricky one, after having having May’s christening, I know the stress all too well. Firstly, there is no time to shop?! One thing I did bear in mind whilst I was choosing her outfit was that it has to be something that I could keep a tight hold of. Your baby is held over a stone christening font for sometime and there is a certain amount of wriggling when the water is poured on her head so I wanted to make sure there is nothing restricting my grip. With the whole family watching, this is not the time for a mishap. Also, the priest needs access to the child’s chest and head to put oils on them, so make sure access is possible.


As time is of the essence when you have a little one I was fortunate enough to have found my outfit back in January when I was strolling through Grafton Street one Saturday morning. We all know babies wear white for a christening, but what about the adults? I opted for this blue number by Warehouse. I absolutely loved it when I tried it on and as my I was still returning to my normal style so it was quite a big deal for me to wear something so tightly fitted but I knew I had several weeks to allow my body to get back to where it was pre-pregnancy and I could not have been happier with how my outfit turned out.


All the preparations over the past few weeks resulted in our little girls day running smoothly and the whole experience of the baptism itself was just fabulous, then the afterparty with all our family and friends was fantastic! Being new parents our social life has taken a backseat but we made up for it at the weekend, no better day really!

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x



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