Charlotte Tillbury Dry Sheet Face Mask

Hello Lovelies,

I can’t say I’ve ever been confounded by a skin-care product, but that was before I met Charlotte Tillbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet mask. This unique sheet mask is like nothing you’ve tried before! It has an in-built technological 5 Skin Solution IQ which tailors to your skin, feeding it exactly what it needs.

Even skincare heroes have character flaws. While face masks are the ultimate quick fix for a number of pressing skin complexions issues from redness to dehydration, serum-soaked sheet masks can leave too much product behind and cream formulas can get really messy very quickly. Leave it to the legendary Charlotte Tilbury to use her magic to come up with a solution for face mask devotees everywhere: A dry face mask.

Best worn while holding a bowl of candy on Halloween. This thing is spooky-looking. You loop it over your ears and wear it for fifteen minutes. During those fifteen minutes I look like the fictional character Michael Myers. Therefore I chose to avoid human contact while wearing it.


I used it after cleansing and toning my face. Putting on the dry mask with the pink side of the fabric facing the skin and massaging it on my face in order “to activate the ingredients” as the instructions state. Wearing the mask does feel comfortable enough while doing things around the house and it stays on well. The product only has a very faint, soft fragrance, nothing perfumey or lingering, which to me is a big positive. After 15 minutes I removed the mask and folded it back into the packaging because each mask can be used up to three times. I found that my skin is so much more hydrated and looks and feels great, it is a very different experience compared to a wet sheet mask.


The new product is also a “smart” mask in that it finds your problems and fixes them. It’s revolutionary in many ways. First of all, it is a dry sheet mask, so there won’t be any serum on your face during the treatment. Instead, it feels like a balmy, soothing cloth that you hook over your ears to hold it in place. Its mission is to leave you with a dewy, hydrated glow. As soon as the skin gets in contact with these nourishing ingredients, it grabs onto them and basically feeds on them. So if there is a dry patch, it heals it; or if there are fine lines, it plumps them. “It acts like a bespoke mask.

If you are in the market and are in search of a mask that is supplies a hydrating glow this is the mask for you. Retailing at €24.00, it is a little steep but in my opinion well worth the price tag!

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x



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