Red Flare

Hey There Everyone,

Happy Saturday!

Today’s post brings me back to when I was little, I remember my mom used to take me out on a Saturday morning to buy me the most beautiful little dresses. I can recall the way they used to make me feel, so special. Those are memories that I will always treasure especially now that I am a mom!

To this day, dresses still have the ability to take me back in time,to those same feelings and emotions. Obviously my style has changed since then….but the experience of finding the perfect dress is still as exciting as all those years ago. When I spotted this dress online, I’ve got to say I wasn’t all to fussed…It wasn’t until I slipped it on and the dress fit the shape of my body in all the right places, with its flirty frilly kick to the bottom hem, that I felt that familiar flutter.

Even now, that little girl which I so easily forget about, is still there.











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