The Aurora Band Night Roller

Lets face it having perfect hair when you wake up is every girl’s dream. Sadly, if you want a good nights sleep the likelihood of waking up without a strand out of place is pretty slim… well, that is what I thought until I discovered The Aurora Band Night Roller!

I came across this product a few months back. I was on watching some hair tutorials on youtube and you know when you are recommended a video, then the following recommended video, so on and so forth. You end up somewhere that you haven’t really branched out to before but I happened to symbol across The Aurora Band Night Roller. 

What is the Aurora Band Night Roller?

It is a velcro and foam roller that fit’s around the head in one whole piece. The concept is similar to that of Sleep In Rollers, however the Aurora Hair Roller is much easier (and quicker) to use. This night roller is ideally suited for use in long, layered hair.


The band is designed to style your hair while you sleep. To use the Aurora Band, wash your hair as usual and remove moisture from hair until it is slightly damp. Brush thoroughly and choose your desired parting. Place the Aurora Band on your head and secure on your forehead.


In the morning remove the band by unlooping the hair from the nape of the neck to the front (I have to admit I found it a little difficult to remove the band at the beginning but I am getting better at it). Shake out the hair and tease into style.


All in all I found the Aurora Night Roller very easy to use. It’s quick, simple, painless, no messing around with pins and it was comfortable to sleep in. Such a simple concept, yet really effective! Also, if you’re like me and your hair is prone to break from the heat of straighteners and curling wands, then this is the way to go! No heat means no damage.

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