Patch Work

Hello Everyone,

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend….We have a busy one ahead of us. We are off to Croke Park for May’s first GAA game which is very exciting! It is safe to say that we are far more excited about it than she is. Although we are still disputing what County she will be shouting for…Niall is adamant that she will be a Louth fan but if I have my way she will be a Kerry supporter.

Now onto my latest look which entails this little blazer that I picked up in Primark months ago when I was pregnant but I never got around to wearing it until now. The sunshine was in full force today and I couldn’t help but want to wear a little bit of colour (as you can see Im still holding onto all things black but Im gently weening myself away from it) and this jacket was perfect for the day that was in it. Teamed with my favourite pair of staple jeans and boots that I picked up in River Island back in December, my outfit was complete.

I will chat to you all again tomorrow where I will be posting a new look featuring one of my new favourite brands.

As Always Love,

Glam Meets Girl x






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